I Can See It Clear


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i can see it clear

clear as the daylight

don’t stop when I say

stop whenever you like

could see it from here

could see that you want her

well you could have me whenever you want

I get so tired of it, I get so tired of it

the way the sun hits your face

you look so pure and I ache

I don’t want to be me

don’t want to be you

been watching the vultures on the roadside to see how they do it

I started leaning in, leaning into your blows

be careful what you get used to, you just might get used to it

and I’ve grown so tired of it, yes I’ve grown so tired of it

the way the sun hits your face you look so pure

oh how I love watching you go

but there’s so much about you I don’t understand

like why you dance in your underpants

but it’s a relief watching you go

it feels just like I’m dying watching you go

I’m a beetle in a jar, I’m not getting very far

Sick of cleaning up your mess, I’ve got no more feelings left

I would feel bad for you, if you didn’t act so cruel

I’m a beetle in a jar, I’m not going very far


from Strange Moon, released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


KATIE BURDEN Los Angeles, California

Katie Burden: Vocals, Bass
Norm Block: Drums, Percussion
Mike Brunner: Guitars
Ara Ketendjian:Keys, guitars

Produced, Mixed and Recorded by Norm Block at Happy Ending Studios, Silverlake, CA.

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